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Trip Details

 2 Days Ancient Shu & Chengdu Discovery

2 Days Ancient Shu & Chengdu Discovery

Date: All Year Round Except Every Monday

Price: From 430USD/PAX

Trip Focus: Panda + Museums

Status: Open to Booking

Route: Chengdu Panda Base-Sanxingdui Museum-Jinli Street-Jinsha Site Museum-Chengdu Museum-People's Park & Kuanzhai Alley

Trip Code: P007


As one of the most livable cities and top tour destinations in China, Chengdu has lots of places of interest for visitors to explore, the world's largest panda base, the bustling streets of Jinli, the Taoist mountain of Qingcheng, Jinsha Site Museum, Kuanzhai Alley just name a few. Serving as the capital of Shu State since ancient times, Chengdu is proud of being the starting place of the Southern Silk Road, the birth place of printed paper money called Jiaozi about 1000 years ago and founding the first public school in China more than 2000 years ago. The excavations made in Sanxingdui about 40 kilometers to the north of Chengdu city proper and the discoveries found in Jinsha in western Chengdu have opened the door to an ancient culture dating back between 3,000 and 5,000 years ago and proved the multiple origin of Chinese civilization. This trip is designed to show you the very best sides of Chengdu, the cute pandas, the food and the colorful long history of Chengdu. In a short period of two days we will take you to the largest panda base in the world to come face to face with the cutest pandas, enjoy famous Sichuan food and walk through those well-displayed museums to unveil the connotation of those mysterious exhibits to help you gain a panoramic picture of Chengdu from its very beginning of history all the way to nowadays. 


 Come to face to face with pandas at different ages at Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding.

 Visit some of the best museums in China such as Sanxingdui Museum and Jinsha Site Museum.

 Walk through some of the most iconic streets in Chengdu like Jinli Street and Kuanzhai Alley. 

 Enjoy world-famous Sichuan food in some of the most popular local restaurants.

Introduction to Trip Destinations:

Sanxingdui Museum
Situated only 55 kilometers to the north of Chengdu, Sanxingdui Museum was built near the excavation site of Ancient Shu capital which was one of the largest cities in China more than 4000 years ago. The cultural relics collected at the archaeological site shows the splendid civilization created by the people living in this area. The exhibitions in this marvellous museum, containing various relics including some best bronze, jade, gold and pottery articles which represent the highest achievements of ancient China are among the “Ten Best Exhibitions” of this country. Sanxingdui is said to be one of the greatest archaeological discoveries in 20th century, most recommended destinations for foreign travelers and the “Origins of Yangtze River civilization”.

Jinsha Site Museum
Dating back to 12th to 7th century B.C., the Jinsha archaeological site once served as the capital of the Ancient Shu. Visiting here could bring you to traverse the space-time back to 3,000 years to see this brilliant civilization. Massive gold, bronze, jade, stone, ivory, and lacquered wood were unearthed. Jinsha has probably the richest gold and jade wares and the most centralized elephant tusks in the world. The discovery of Jinsha is of great significance for studying Ancient Shu, including its origin, development, and decline, and provides convincing evidence for an explanation of the abrupt disappearance of Sanxingdui Culture. It is the first big archeological finding in the 21th century in China for it not only has proved that the Chengdu Plain was the center of ancient civilization in the upper reaches of the Yangtze, but also provided crucial evidence to the theory that the origins of ancient Chinese civilization came from multiple sources.

Chengdu Museum
Officially opened to the public on September 15, 2016, the new building of Chengdu Museum is immense, showcasing nearly 200,000 collections including bronze wares, golds and silvers, bricks, stone carvings, ceramics, calligraphy, paintings, traditional furniture, shadow puppets, etc., giving a full historical picture of this part of China and is a perfect place to study Chinese folklore. The museum itself is a large and striking cultural symbol of Chengdu and is located on the west side of Tianfu Square in the central downtown, and very convenient to reach. 


Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding (Chengdu Panda Base)
Holding the distinction as one of the world’s largest panda bases, Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding (Chengdu Panda Base) attracts tourists and wildlife enthusiasts worldwide. Conveniently located a short drive away from downtown, this state of the art research facility comfortably houses more pandas than anywhere else at home and abroad. During your visit, you will see pandas ranging from young cubs to lumbering adults as well as the elusive and adorable Red Panda. Additionally, the scenic, garden-like atmosphere of the panda base is especially ideal for urban birding like Red-billed Leiothrix, Ruddy Shelduck, Chinese Blackbird, Spotted Dove and so on.

Jinli Street
Ranked as the top of the 21 world’s most beautiful Streets by CNN Travel in 2019, Jinli has a long history tied to the foundation of Chengdu. For more than 2,000 years, Jinli has gained reputation across China as one of the oldest commercial streets. Featuring traditional architectures of Qing and Ming dynasties (1644-1911), and modeled after the "Romance of the Three Kingdoms", the atmosphere of Jinli street has something for everyone including delicious street food, handcrafted souvenirs, and live entertainment. 

How Can We Make This Trip Special?

a. A Team of Passionate Guides Specializing in Different Fields.

b. Different Price Options to Better Meet Your Travel Style.
AbsolutePanda offers different price choices for certain short-term tours. Please see the details on the Dates & Prices page of this tour.



  2 Days Ancient Shu & Chengdu Discovery Trip Map




Day 1. Chengdu Panda Base-Sanxingdui Museum-Jinli Street. (LD)
Visit the Chengdu Panda Base in early morning then drive to Sanxingdui and roam Jinli Street after dinner. Overnight: Chengdu

Day 2. Jinsha Site Museum-Chengdu Museum-
People's Park & Kuanzhai Alley. (BLD)
Go to Jinsha Site Museum to begin the day. Learn the story of Chengdu from its museum, park and old alley. 
Overnight: /


Day1. Chengdu Panda Base-Sanxingdui Museum-Jinli Street. Meals: LD
Early in the morning, we visit the most famous panda base—Chengdu Research Center of Giant Panda Breeding (Chengdu Panda Base). In the afternoon we will take an hour drive to the Sanxingdui Museum in Guanghan, a city next to Chengdu. The museum is one of the largest museums in southwestern China and has the best relics from Ancient Shu which is thought to be one of the most important multiple origins of Chinese civilization. After a authentic local dinner, we will have a night walk in Jinli Street, one of the best-known old streets in China.

Overnight: Minshan Anyi Hotel (Copper Panda) / Chengdu Hongtai Hotel (Silver Panda) / Shangri-La Hotel Chengdu (Gold Panda)

Day 2. Jinsha Site Museum-Chengdu Museum-People's Park & Kuanzhai Alley. Meals: BLD
In the morning, we continue our exploration of the splendid but mysterious Ancient Shu by visiting another museum called Jinsha Site Museum. After the sudden disappearance of Sanxingdui civilization, it is believed now that the Ancient Shu people moved to Jinsha site and turned the place into a center of politics, economy and culture in Chengdu Plain. Here archaeologists have unearthed a great variety of artifacts including more than 5,000 articles of gold, bronze, jade, stone, ivory, and lacquered wood, as well as millions of pottery potsherds, tons of ivory and thousands of boar tusks and deer horns. Therefore, it is considered that the Jinsha has unearthed the richest gold and jade wares and the most centralized elephant tusks in the world. This is the best place to understand the history of Chengdu prior to the unification of China by Emperor Qin in 221 B.C. After lunch at local popular restaurant, we take you to Chengdu Museum, where we can show you the development of the city in different dynasties of China in galleries of different themes. After this culture experience, we take you to People's Park & Kuanzhai Alley nearby to feel the laid-back life of Chengdu people and visit the neighborhood built exclusively for Manchu officers by combing the northern and southern architecture styles.

Overnight: /

*Transfer to airport or book an extra night in Chengdu through AbsolutePanda.

1. Chengdu Museum does not open on Mondays.
2. Jinsha Site Museum does not open on Mondays.
3. Sanxingdui Museum opens on Mondays. 


Dates & Prices

1. Dates

This trip is available all year round except every Monday as Jinsha Museum and Chengdu Museum close on Mondays. 

AbsolutePanda can tailor-make this trip according to your time and interest.


2. Prices

The AbsolutePanda team works hard to provide the highest quality tour experiences at a fair price. However, after working in the travel industry for more than 20 years, our team knows that no two travelers are alike in terms of their travel style, personal interest, choice of guides and preferences in restaurants and hotels. For AbsolutePanda, our client’s satisfaction is a top priority. To meet the needs of different clients and ensure they enjoy a trip suited to their preferences, we have created a variety of different price options for our trips. These options vary in the guides they use, quality of vehicles, accommodations, and restaurants. Our trip price has the following options, please read the explanations about includes and excludes for each price option below:

These standard prices are based on a minimum of two travelers. The trip size is 2~10.



   Price Categories        
Copper Panda Silver Panda Gold Panda

Price Quotation  
              430USD/PAX                          510USD/PAX                         650USD/PAX           

Single Supplement



Option 1: Copper Panda  

For travelers who are looking for a skilled guide who speaks English and show them around. You can choose this price option.
In this tour, the Copper Panda Price Service includes:
1. A guide with fluent English from AbsolutePanda Tour Team;
2. A private car serving the full duration of this tour;
3. The entrance and shuttle tickets listed in this itinerary;
4. Meals listed in the itinerary;
5. China domestic travel insurance.
The price does not include your discretionary tips to the serving crew (driver and guide) and any other entrance tickets.
Example Guides:
1) Claude: A Sichuan local who is fluent in English, passionate, and is well-versed in general knowledge about popular destinations. He can work as a driver and guide for small groups.
2) Melinda: A detail-oriented guide who is fluent in English. Melinda is knowledgeable about general information about our popular tour locations.
3) Michael: An American living in Chengdu, Michael is a passionate guide and is adept at interpreting Chengdu from the perspective of a westerner.

Option 2: Silver Panda 

For travelers who hope to have a guide who knows certain specialized fields very well and can share the knowledge in-depth in a certain field like birding, flower-watching, Buddhism, food, photography, etc., so that they can make the best use of their travel time and meet their personal taste best.

n this tour, the Silver Panda Price Service includes:
1. A guide who has excellent knowledge about a certain field from Absolutepanda team;
2. A private car serving the full duration of this tour;
3. The entrance and shuttle tickets listed in this itinerary;
4. Meals as listed in the itinerary;
5. China domestic travel insurance.

The price does not include your discretionary tips to the serving crew (driver and guide) and any other entrance tickets.

Example Guides:

1) Shay: One of AbsolutePanda’s resident birding experts, Shay speaks English and is a detail-driven guide.

2) Cory: A botany expert and photographer who speaks English, Cory is a passionate guide who excels at leading clients.

3) Lily: An English speaking guide, Lily is especially skilled at leading clients on tours that involve Yoga and Taiji.

Option 3: Gold Panda 

For travelers who want to travel in luxury, the gold panda option is the right choice for you. With this level of service, your group will enjoy the best restaurant and transportation options available. We will provide the details concerning your trip. Please feel free to ask us any questions concerning this package option.

In this tour, the Gold Panda Price Service includes:
1. An expert guide from the AbsolutePanda Tour Team;
2. A nice private car with serving the full duration of this tour;
3. The entrance and shuttle tickets listed in this itinerary;
4. Meals in the best and the most authentic local restaurants;
5. China domestic travel insurance.

The price does not include your discretionary tips to the serving crew (driver and guide) and any other entrance tickets.

Example Guides:

1) Bella: A fluent English speaker, Bella is a knowledgeable birding expert and is well versed in Chinese food and local culture.

2) Philip: A local guide with fluent English and basic Japanese, Philip is an exceptional photographer and birding guide who has keen interests in Buddhism, Taoism, Confucianism, and Chinese cuisine. 

To AbsolutePanda team, our clients' overall satisfaction with their trip is the top priority. We've created different price options to make it easier for you to choose a tour that fits your style and budget. The basic option is not available for this trip as we feel it is difficult for our clients to enjoy this trip without the help of a guide. If you prefer to travel in a different style than the options we've provided here, please feel free to contact us.

For travelers who hope to tailor-make the day programs with their specific travel preferences in mind (transportation, hotels, special privileges, and famous local experts), tailor-making a tour is the best way to ensure your desires are met. Please contact us with your specific needs and we will make an itinerary based on your expectations. Once you confirm, we work out the cost and send it to you. Please feel free to ask any questions to learn more.

Please note that guides with specialized knowledge are not always available, especially during our busy season from April to October. If you have an on-planning trip, please contact us as early as possible so that we will block the date of our expert guide for you.
When you put your trust in our team, we are certain to help you enjoy an unforgettable travel experience in Chengdu!

You just give us your trust, we will do our utmost to make your best travel memory!




Introduction to the hotels in this tour:

AbsolutePanda offers various hotel choices for our tours. You can also e-mail us to tell your specific requirements for accommodations. Whatever your preferences are, our travel expert team will find the perfect one for you. 


Here are the default hotel choices for this tour:

Chengdu Minshan Anyi Hotel (Copper Panda)
Located at Chunxi Road, the most famous & busiest street in Chengdu, Minshan Anyi Hotel is very convenient to reach from the airport, train station and city tourist destinations. The hotel offers many services and sufficient facilities as well as a Chinese restaurant serves a selection of Chinese dishes.


Chengdu Hongtai Hotel (Silver Panda)

Chengdu Hongtai Hotel is an exquisite boutique hotel featured with Ancient Shu culture as the theme. Located on the bank of Huanhua Creek, it is a rare quiet place in a noisy city with active vegetation coverage, with clean air, and a pleasant environment. Hongtai Hotel is also adjacent to Wuhou Shrine, Huanhuaxi Park, Dufu Thatched Cottage, and very close to the Jinsha Site Museum, Qingyang Taoist Temple and Qintai Road.

Shangri-La Hotel Chengdu (Gold Panda)

Located in Jinjiang District, just beside one of the Chengdu Landmark—the Anshun Bridge, Shangri-La Chengdu offers one of the best hotel services in Chengdu. It served many VIPs and political leaders when they were visiting Chengdu. Shangri-la Hotel Chengdu is also a very good starting point for a city day tour with a 25-minute drive from Chengdu International Airport, and 30 minutes to Chengdu Panda Base.


If you need help in booking your hotel accommodation, please feel free to email our team at info@absolutepanda.com.



1. Best time to visit Chengdu?

The best time to visit Chengdu is Spring and Autumn since the temperature is comfortable and many destinations around Chengdu are at their best time.

AbsolutePanda suggests our clients to avoid the national holidays for escaping the crowds.

Monthly Average Temperature of Chengdu:














Average High(℃)














Average Low (℃)













2. Are there any days when the museums are not open?
Both Chengdu Museum and Jinsha Site Museum are closed on Mondays, besides that, no.

3. Could we take pictures inside the galleries of these museums?
Yes. Please turn off the flashlight of your cameras.

4. Do you have other special museums near Chengdu we can pay a visit?

Yes. We do have various kinds of museums like one of the biggest dinosaur museum in Zigong, Jianchuan Museum that exhibits civil cultures in Dayi County etc. We can tailor-make a museum tour for you according to your interest.

5. Can we add more pandas and other activities to this tour?
Of course, please send your request to us so our travel expert can give your best travel solutions.

Read more our FAQs or feel free to contact us for further questions, AbsolutePanda is more than glad to answer and offer help.



Custom made panda tour around Chengdu - amazing
My girlfriend is obsessed with pandas. Unhealthily so. I decided to take her on a panda holiday, understanding that it would either:

a) Cure her of this obsession forever or
b) Be a really good holiday!
It worked out as b. AbsolutePanda were amazing in this process; we actually spent two years planing it, and at no point did they become frustrated with us as we changed and rechanged our requirements over and over.

Lily, Philip and Grant showed incredible patience with us, until finally they had formed the perfect itinerary, formed as an adorable PDF with paintings of pandas. We used some airmiles to make our own way to Shanghai for a few days at either end of the holiday, and flew to Chengdu in the middle. For everything else, we were totally in AbsolutePanda's hands, and they proved to be absolutely trustworthy and to take this responsibility very seriously.

First, Lareina (our guide) and Mr E (our driver) met us at the airport. Lareina was great fun, and super helpful - always happy to answer any of our ridiculous questions. Mr E did not speak much English, but was also lovely. They both had impeccable manners and were eager to cater to our every need. They took us immediately for dinner in Chengdu and ordered on our behalf. They paid attention to what we liked and didn't like, and tailored all of our meals around this throughout the trip. Then we went to the Shangri-La hotel, which was incredible - we were on the 34th floor, with stunning views of the city.

The next day, we went to the Dujiangyan panda base, where we explored and saw some pandas - and then each got to hug a baby panda and get a photo! This is not cheap, but a valuable source of income for the panda bases. An amazing experience. We had a lovely lunch and then explored a nearby ancient city and got some great photos. Finally, we drove all the way to the Bifengxia panda base, where we would be volunteering for the next few days. The hotel here was not as impressive since it was in the middle of nowhere (and cold!) but the team went to great efforts to accommodate us. They ordered food for us ahead of time, and provided a series of "breakfast boxes" with all kinds of Western style food and drink that we could eat during our time in Bifengxia. Other hotel guests were very jealous of this!

Over the next few days we volunteered in the panda base, and learned how to clean out the enclosures, prepare bamboo, and fed the pandas bamboo, carrot and special panda-cake. It was surprisingly hard work, but such a wonderful experience to be close to the pandas but away from the crowds of Chengdu. It was really personal and special. When we weren't working, we could explore the panda base as staff and access areas the general public could not. We stayed here for five days, and the staff were all wonderful.

Then Lareina and Mr E returned to pick us up, and we headed to Leshan where we explored the local area, tried the hot pot (amazing, but very spicy!), and took a moonlight stroll along the river. They'd arranged us another amazing hotel, the Ayard Of Ch'an Leshan which felt very authentic. We drank tea, and slept in Chinese PJs. 

The next day we took a hike alongside the largest sitting Buddha statue in the world, and explored some of the local temples. We also wandered some of the shopping streets and bought some amazing local craft items, and saw a local flower show. And in the evening, we went to a Sichuan Opera, which I enjoyed much more than I thought I would! The face-changing magic and puppetry is especially impressive.

On the last day, we visited the final panda base in Chengdu, which is much bigger but also much busier! At this point we were experts in all things panda, and scored highly on the quiz in the museum

At the very end, we were sad to go! We formed some really beautiful memories, and the people were wonderful. We had an incredible experience. I can't recommend it enough.



Welcome to email us and be our guests to write the feedback for us. Testimonial of AbsolutePanda


Videos & Photos

                                                                     Bronze masks in Sanxingdui Museum.

                                                            Golden mask is a feature of Ancient Shu civilization.

                                                                                    Exhibitions in Sanxingdui.

                                                                      The excavation site in Jinsha Site Museum.

                                                              Shadow puppetry exhibitions in Chengdu Museum.                                                                           



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